Trusted liquidity provider for global markets efficiency

Trusted Volumes provides affordable multi-asset liquidity solutions for different market participants and best execution prices on our OTC-Trading platform

Market Making for Exchanges

We specialize in building liquidity on exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, to help ambitious projects grow and succeed. In today's highly competitive markets, having a market maker is not just an option, but a necessity to attract retail traders, algorithmical execution and investors.

Providing Luquidity

Liquidity, user attraction and token listings are critical to the success of a crypto exchange. To foster a thriving trading environment, our market making service ensures high and customizable liquidity.

Tight spread control

As a market maker, we help emerging exchanges maintain tight bid-ask spreads and set fair asset prices, preventing unwanted price fluctuations and inactive trading due to weak orderbook.

Building order book depth

Increasing liquidity and minimizing slippage by increasing order book depth. Our diverse range of market making strategies ensure that orders are filled at every level, thereby promoting a healthy exchange environment.

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Market Making for Tokens

Unlock the full potential of your crypto project on a variety of platforms and pairs. Optimize performance on any exchange by partnering with a global crypto liquidity provider. Ready to conquer the crypto market around the clock, our dedicated team ensures your project thrives with constant liquidity.

Variety of strategies which fits your needs

TrustedVolumes offers a strategy which is best for your particular case. Enhanced Market Making order book management service with our timely purchase of tokens on specific trading pairs prevents panic selling and thus strengthens the credibility of a project. The alignment of our performance with your marketing efforts leads to optimal results.

Integrated liquidity risk management algorithms

Our advanced algorithm continuously monitors the crypto market and makes intelligent decisions to protect your capital and effectively manage risk.

Arbitrage market making

Optimize your market making strategy with our algorithm, which utilizes arbitrage trading across exchanges, allowing you to profit from bid and ask spreads.

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Market Making for Forex

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of Forex trading access to the crypto market makes sense. Our market making services are designed to provide a reliable and efficient trading environment, ensuring seamless execution and price discovery.

Futures contract trading

TrustedVolumes provides Forex brokers opportunity to trade futures with leverage up to 50. Scale your client’s number through a perpetual futures trading ready solution.

Fast and reliable API

We provide a cutting edge technical solution with 99.99% uptime, which is SLA. Fast responses, pure documentation and enhanced endpoints for post-trade analytics will make your technical integration smooth and quick.

Profit-sharing from exchange fees

In periods of low volatility we share exchange fees with partners as rebates, while in high volatility we guarantee execution with the smallest possible slippage.

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Highnet Individuals OTC Trading

Get orders of any size and scale filled at any time, in one place with no slippage. We foster a collaborative partnership to improve trading performance and capture opportunities in dynamic financial markets, prioritizing liquidity, risk management and seamless execution.

Personalized service

Our 24/7 OTC service provides a distinctive, meticulously crafted approach tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts stand ready to deliver the most efficient solutions and strategies, grounded in in-depth knowledge and experience in the OTC market, to maximize your returns.

Efficient settlement

Explore the variety and flexibility we offer through our different ways of settlement. Credit-lines, pre and post-trade settlement with fast transfers.

Confidentiality and privacy

Client confidentiality is paramount and we ensure the highest levels of privacy and data security throughout the market making process. Moreover, we adhere to regulatory standards, obtain the necessary licenses to operate and maintain transparent trading practices, fostering trust with our clients.

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Automated OTC Trading

Our OTC trading service provides personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of individual clients and institutional traders, allowing them to execute large off-exchange trades without impacting market prices with simple but effective OTC widget.

Huge variety of digital assets and fiat

Step into the realm of unlimited potential with our huge variety of digital assets and fiat currencies. Our extensive offerings provide an opportunity to diversify user’s portfolio, while our quick process of integration for new assets will allow your users to be engaged in the top interesting projects at any time.

RFQ and others ways to trade

Unleash your trading potential with our versatile trading options - request for quotation system with 99% orders filled, market and fill-or-kill orders.

Zero additional fees and competitive rate

Our trading engine sources deep liquidity from multiple venues and provides the most efficient quotes, while no any additional costs incurred, user gest the final execution price.

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Features that set us apart

Ultra-fast execution

We're constantly improving the liquidity we offer to provide our clients with the fastest execution times in the industry. Your trades are sent directly to our servers and executed automatically, without dealer intervention.

No requotes

Our institutional partners are of paramount importance to us. This means that we act in the best interests of our clients at every stage of execution. Working with a counterparty that operates under a strong regulatory framework benefits all institutional partners.

Deep liquidity

We can execute your large trading orders quickly and without any significant impact on the market price. This allows you to enter and exit positions more efficiently, securing better prices and reducing slippage risk in volatile markets.

Superior pricing

With TrustedVolumes, you get a first-class trading experience. We offer competitive overnight fees, low institutional swaps and no volume commission on OTC instruments. There's also no minimum deposit requirement. This gives you the freedom to trade on your terms. Join now and start trading with these exceptional benefits.

Regulations and transparency

We adhere to strict regulatory standards, including FCA, KNF, CySec and IFSC. Our strong balance sheet provides our customers with secure and stable trading environments. We also offer bespoke reporting packages to meet regulatory requirements such as EMIR and MiFIR, providing full transparency and confidence in our services.

Multiple integration options

We prioritize seamless integration for our clients. Choose from a range of options, including the FIX protocol and API, to connect to our platform with ease. Enjoy the convenience of our MT4/MT5 web terminal or opt for Bridge or Gateway Bridge integration with providers such as Prime XM and Match-Trade, ensuring efficient access to our cutting edge trading environment.